Primetime Ballers - Rams vs. Cardinals

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as the Cardinals host the Rams.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Now going to the "Monday Night Football" game, I feel like it's tough to really beat a team twice, especially if it's a team in your division. But at the same time, I feel like the Arizona Cardinals are the better team, so that's why my picks are trending this way.

Starting off with Zach Ertz, I don't know if you remember from my segment earlier this year, but I feel like Kliff Kingsbury found, like, a little glitch in the matrix. Like, whenever they play the Rams, he likes to target that defense with his tight ends. Whether it's with Max Williams, or other tight ends that he's had in the past, he's found that spot open in the middle-- always open, because I feel like they try to take away those receivers on the outside. And at the same time, they're going to have to try to stop that run game that ravaged them in the first game as well. So I look for Zach Ertz, who wasn't there-- Maxx Williams was there this first game, so I feel Zach Ertz has a big game this week.

On the flip side, Sony Michel. We already understand that Darrell Henderson isn't going to play. Sony Michel is priced like Darrell Henderson to start in that $17. He already had a lot of toast against the Jaguars. I feel like Sean McVay trying to establish the physicality of this team, especially against a team that beat up on them last time they played. I feel like Michel is going to be heavily involved at $17 bucks. That's a lot of volume for such a small price tag.

And as for my superstar for the "Monday Night Football" game, I'm going with my guy, Kyler Murray. He stayed in the pocket against the Rams in that first match-up, lit them up. On the outside, AJ Green had a big game. Edmonds and my man counter were running all over them. But I feel like Kyler uses his legs in this one and takes advantage of that Rams defense, as they're trying to focus on taking away the run game and focusing on those wide receivers outside. So regardless of how things go, Kyler Murray is always going to be that guy in the middle of everything, keeping things going. I feel like he's going to be Speedy Gonzalez today, running all over the Ram's defense on "Monday Night Football."