'Price Is Right' contestant wins huge Plinko prize on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

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This week marked Drew Carey’s tenth anniversary of hosting The Price Is Right. He began Monday’s show with a long standing ovation. He thanked all the people he’s worked with on the show and thanked the contestants by giving them $10,000 if they won the big prizes. One contestant was the lucky winner of the crowd-favorite Plinko game. His disk slid into the $10,000 slot, so Carey gave him an extra $10,000 on top of his already huge prizes.

On The Wheel of Fortune one contestant had the puzzle nearly completed. It read, “Clean, Comfortable, Con_enient.” All she had to do was guess a v and she guessed a … p?!?!  Conpeniently, the next contestant was able to solve the puzzle with no problems.

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