Preview: Interactive Top-200 Projections/Ranks

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Welcome to a preview of Ryan Knaus’ Top-250+ projections and rankings for 8-cat, 9-cat, punt FT% and Points leagues for the 2021-22 fantasy hoops season!


Most fantasy rankings are offered without much justification. They are lists of names backed by a stream of overly-confident assertions. This is too! The difference is that my assertions are numerical and I'm showing my work. If you agree with my numbers, that’s great. You’ve found a compelling set of rankings that can be tweaked and tailored to your needs. Disagree? That’s fine too, as you get to see exactly why my rankings put a player too high or too low…and if you're so inclined you can "fix" the ranks in a matter of seconds.


This isn't merely lists of players I think you should draft, although it is also that. This is better viewed as an interactive data set, through which you can merge your own opinions and insights into the raw material behind the rankings – projections.


Creating custom ranks has never been easier.


1) Download the Excel file (Note: This file is only available to EDGE+ Draft Guide subscribers)


2) Change any player's projected minutes or games played and the file will automatically update with new top-200+ rankings for all league styles. You can also change my unique, value-altering "growth %," which is explained below. Or dig even deeper and change specific stats for any player, and watch the rankings and projections update instantly.


3) Explore the results. If you're not satisfied, tinker with the underlying statistics some more!


I built these ranks for a broad range of leagues and styles on the foundation of my own projections for 270+ players stats, minutes, games and more. If you disagree with a player's standing, you need only look at the underlying stats to see where I've gone wrong. Update any stats you choose, and voila – new rankings.


The first table below contains a sample (players whose first name begins with ‘A’) from the all-important Top-200 Ranks for 8-cat, 9-cat and Points. You can easily sort by columns to focus on whichever league style you prefer, and it’s all fully interactive with access to the spreadsheet.


If you're on a mobile device, switch to 'Desktop view' for the best experience.

Note: Full version is exclusive to the EDGE+ Draft Guide



Think I'm too low on Anthony Davis? Get the spreadsheet, bump up his games played and watch his cumulative value instantly jump a round. Think I'm too low on Aleksej Pokusevski? Assign him a higher FG%, more assists and rebounds, etc. (however you think he'll perform this year) and his value will rise accordingly. The possibilities are endless.

For the entire list of 270+ players’ rankings, plus a full set of projections for every statistical category, minutes, games and more…click here! Don't forget that these ranks and projections can be tailored to your exact specifications in a matter of minutes.


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