President Trump breaks 69-day golfing drought to play round with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

It’s been a tough few months for President Donald Trump. With a record-long 35-day government shutdown, Trump has been busy trying to get his agenda passed.

And while his wall may not be built along the Southern border, things are looking up for the 45th president: He’s finally able to golf again.

For the first time in 69 days, Trump had a chance to play a round of golf on Saturday, as he was joined by longtime partners Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Trump has known the champion golfers for years, and Nicklaus actually designed the 18-hole course they played on at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

Because of the shutdown, Trump had to eschew his regular holiday trip to Mar-a-Lago and instead stay in Washington. This caused him to go a record long 63 days without visiting one of his golf resorts, according to research by the Washington Post. He previously had never gone four weeks without staying at one of his properties.

Golf has been one the most consistent parts of Trump’s presidency. After playing golf on 10 straight days in August 2018, Trump had played a round on average of every 4.6 days, although that average has since risen to every 5.4 days, per the Washington Post.

Despite Trump admonishing President Barack Obama for playing what he perceived as too much golf and saying he would have no time himself to play Trump has been the most prolific golfing president. Obama averaged a round every 8.8 days and famously waited more than three months to play for the first time as president.

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