The President goes after the NFL, Roger Goodell again

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At a Saturday night rally in Tulsa, President Donald Trump predictably played the hits to a supportive, if not capacity, crowd. And those hits included taking a perfunctory shot at the NFL over the issue of kneeling during the anthem.

Trump also attacked, again, the video issued by Commissioner Roger Goodell 15 days ago.

“Explain this to the NFL,” Trump said. “I like the NFL. I like Roger Goodell. But I didn’t like what he said a week ago. I said, ‘Where did that come from in the middle of the summer? Nobody’s even asking.'”

Trump said the same thing the other night on FOX News. The truth, however, is that the statement from Goodell was issued directly in response to a moving, powerful montage from players who asked the league to say certain things in no uncertain terms, including that black lives matter. It’s unclear whether the President isn’t aware of that fact or whether he’s deliberately ignoring it.

“We will never kneel to our national anthem or our great American flag,” he continued. “We will stand proud, and we will stand tall. I thought we won that battle with the NFL. Their stadiums were emptying out. Did you see those stadiums? Took them a long time to get you back. Lot of people didn’t like that. You know, lot of people that you wouldn’t even think would care that much. I’ve had people that I said, ‘These are super-left liberals,’ and they didn’t like it.”

It’s no surprise that the President will continue to push this issue. He told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that it’s a winner; as it relates to a willing base will agree with the position, he’s right. Still, recent events seemingly have changed minds regarding whether kneeling during the anthem automatically constitutes disrespect of the flag, the country, and/or the military.

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