Preschool teacher tells parent it's her child's own fault for being 'mistreated'

A teacher took to Reddit’s “Am I The A*******” page to see if she crossed a line by telling a parent that it’s a student’s “own fault” for being “mistreated” by other students. According to the poster, the 6-year-old student in question tends to “report” on other students’ seemingly bad behavior. “If someone sits 3 inches from where they’re supposed to sit, [he] runs to us to report. Someone spills a drop of milk on the table, report”. This has led other students to distance themselves from him. Apparently, another student had an upcoming birthday party and invited everyone in the class except this one student. Soon after, the student’s mother got involved. “She told us we had to force [the birthday host] to invite [her] son by any means possible. When we said we have no control over what happens after school … she was furious”. The day after the party, the mother shows up to the school to yell at the teacher. “I had enough. Told her that he isn’t completely innocent though as we had had many talks and he was excluded because of his own behavior towards others”. The resounding sentiment was that the poster was NTA. “Learning the repercussions for our actions in a safe environment while our parents help us navigate is what healthy childhood is about,” said one Reddit user