PREP WRESTLING: Goshen regionals display strong contenders

Feb. 2—GOSHEN — The second step of the IHSAA wrestling postseason comes to Goshen this weekend.

Goshen High School is one of 16 regional sites in the state to host wrestlers looking to pass through to the semi-state portion of the 2024 tournament.

Taking in the top-four finishers from both the Elkhart and West Noble sectionals, The Goshen News' area is well-represented for the action set to begin Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

Goshen is joined by area teams Concord, Fairfield, Northridge, NorthWood and Wawasee. They'll be paired up with athletes from Angola, Fremont, East Noble, Central Noble, Prairie Heights, Elkhart, Jimtown, DeKalb, West Noble and Lakeland.

Below is a summary of names to watch and brackets for the regional round.


Thanks to the first sectional championship for NorthWood since 2002, the Panthers bring a wealth of grapplers to the mats this Saturday.

Junior Joey Mitschelen was the lone NorthWood wrestler to finish unbeaten in his weight class (150) at last week's Elkhart sectional, but six second-place finishers join the group's party including Wes Hahn (106), Will Hahn (126), Lynkyn Ratcliff (132), Ashton Hahn (165), Brady King (215) and Bryson Davis (285).

Four other wrestlers follow in the Panther's footsteps, making a collection that could contend with other talented lineups from East Noble and Prairie Heights.


Holding four first-place finishers last Saturday, Wawasee has a top-heavy group that should contend this weekend.

Kaleb Salazar (113), Cameron Senter (126), Ethan Rodriguez (144) and Donovan Blair (190) all picked up the top spot for the Warriors, two by decisions.

Goshen's Cole Hinkel was one of those decisions. Hinkel fell 6-3 to Salazar for a runner-up finish. The two sit on opposite sides of the 113 bracket.

The RedHawks boast seven names in the field but are led by nearly unbeaten Laish Detwiler (175) who holds a 36-1 record entering the regionals round. The senior is making the most of his final year and should be a strong candidate to advance to next week's semi-state.

The 190 weight class may be the most packed field. Names there include Blair (32-4), NorthWood's Keith Miller (21-6), Breckan Maran from Fairfield (29-5) and Elkhart's Kaullin Price (27-9).

The competition begins at 9 a.m. at Goshen High School. Top four finishers will advance to next week's Fort Wayne South Side semi-state.


Participants in each weight class

106 — Charlie Fleshman (34-4, CN), Maria Rescalvo (16-17, Gos), Brayden Baas (26-8, PH), Wes Hahn (24-12, NW), Carter Shegog (28-9, Ang), Adley Yoder (20-16, Nr), Kyleigh Honaker (10-11, EN), Cole Carper (29-4, Jim)

113 — Kealen Fuller (21-4, EN), Luke Stuckman (24-12, NW), Qwanell Gabriel (21-8, LL), Cole Hinkel (33-3, Gos), James Kresse (23-5, PH), Kaiden Braden (21-9, Con), Dominic De'Anda (18-14, WN), Kaleb Salazar (34-3, Waw)

120 — Aden Hartman (24-5, Jim), Gavin Christman (29-12, WN), Jaxon Senter (13-17, Waw), Zac Brown (16-5, LL), Morgan Hershberger (19-7, Gos), Reed Shaffer (24-11, PH), Braxton Lechlitner (21-13, Nr), Blake Byerley (21-4, EN)

126 — Cameron Senter (30-4, Waw), Corbin McCullough (26-10, Fre), Landon Wade (19-17, Nr), Boston Baas (20-13, PH), Will Hahn (28-7, NW), Conner Mosley (19-15, EN), Emanuel Collazo Macias (21-18, Gos), Drew Waldon (DK)

132 — Lynkyn Ratcliff (25-9, NW), Joe Button (23-11, WN), Donovan Cunningham (25-8, Cc), Aymen Ahmed (10-15, EN), Graysen Beasley (31-1, Nr), Jaxon Kitchen (17-16, CN), Blake Mock (21-10, Elk), Chris Dominguez (13-12, LL)

138 — Taiden Chambers (23-3, WN), Jager Bute (15-11, NW), Jordan Klumpp (21-15, PH), Matthew Senn (26-7, FF), Dallas Davidson (36-4, Ang), Aisa Khaoucha (20-16, Nr), Dominic Crain (21-14, Fre), Cameron Dews (32-4, Elk)

144 — Jadon Teague (19-5, DK), Brycen Brosamer (22-10, Cc), Jacob Foster (19-16, Fre), Ethan Rodriguez (24-5, Waw), Brody Hagewood (31-4, PH), Jasiah Payne (12-18, Jim), Layne Pavka (26-12, Ang), Cohen Lundy (19-7, Elk)

150 — Joey Mitschelen (24-12, NW), Porter Kleeberg (29-10, CN), Drew Trigg (21-7, Cc), Blake Denman (36-4, Ang), Tristan Harder (24-6, Jim), Rylee Biddle (29-5, EN), Wyland Buck (17-17, Nr), Brock Hagewood (32-2, PH)

157 — Teegan Clouse (33-3 WN), Payton Griffin (20-14, NW), Damyan Duncan (32-6, CN), Brennon Whickcar (25-4, Elk), Benjamin Barker (23-8, EN), Dirk Rumfelt (20-14, FF), Riley Cearbaugh (17-14, PH), Carson Nine (25-10, Waw)

165 — Ashton Hahn (10-3, NW), Jericko Jackson (26-6, PH), Aldahir-Ortez-Sanchez (25-10, FF), Dallas Plattner (27-7, EN), Jonathon Flores (28-8, Gos), Sam Hoover (14-6, CN), Chance McCollough (28-9, Elk), Dominic Dunn (21-8, DK)

175 — Matt Levitz (28-6, PH), Austin Parks (16-6, Nr), Alex Sprague (25-12, EN), Cameron Freedline (10-2, Elk), Graham Blythe (24-8, DK), Ryan Noel (25-10, FF), Jonathan Chambers (5-4, WN), Laish Detwiler (36-1, Gos)

190 — Brady Long (9-12, DK), Keith Miller (21-6, NW), Gavin Willis (4-6, Ang), Donovan Blair (32-4, Waw), Connor Leins (24-11, EN), Breckan Maran (29-5, FF), Noah Owsley (21-12, LL), Kaullin Price (27-9, Elk)

215 — Travis Henke (33-1, Nr), Austin Abbott (13-20, PH), Luis Oseguera (21-18, Gos), Dylan Krehl (24-12, EN), Brady King (20-5, NW), Nolan Parks (29-5, WN), Logan Whitman (23-12, Cc), Jaxon Copas (30-3, CN)

285 — Brody Streeter (26-8, Nr), Jonathon Vanhalst (22-11, CN), Jeremiah Riffell (25-5, Cc), Zackery Leighty (16-10, EN), Bryson Davis (19-11, NW), Terry Henion (36-4, Ang), CD McFee (10-5, Elk), James Hartleroad (25-4, DK)

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