Prep soccer: Blackstone's four goals lead Faith Christian's boys to big win

Apr. 8—Mason Blackstone piled on four goals as Faith Christian's boys took a 7-2 road win over Weaver on Monday.

The Lions moved to 5-6-1 overall and 4-4 in Class 1A-3A, Area 10 play with the win.

kAmp=@?8 H:E9 q=24@C6 r2>6C@? #@86CD 925 2 >F=E:\8@2= 82>6 H:E9 2 A2:C @7 9:D @H?] $6G6?E9\8C256C r@=E %FC=6J 7@F?5 E96 324@7 E96 ?6E @?46 7@C 9:D D64@?5 8@2= @7 E96 D62D@?]k^Am

kAmy24$EC2FE>2? =65 E96 {:@?D H:E9 EH@ 2DD:DED :? E96 H:?[ H9:=6 y@D6A9 r2CC@== 2?5 r2>6C@? #@86CD 6249 925 @?6 2A:646]k^Am

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