Prep Girls: Sectional games to watch

Feb. 28—No. 1 Elk Mound vs. No. 2 Aquinas, 7 p.m. Thursday at Arcadia (Division 3)

The top-seeded Mounders stayed perfect after beating No. 9 Adams-Friendship by 30 and No. 14 Wisconsin Dells by 19. Neither team reached the 40-point mark as has so often been the case for teams facing the Elk Mound defense. Now the Mounders sit two wins shy of their first state tournament appearance since 1988. First, they'll face one of their toughest tests of the season in state-ranked Aquinas. The Blugolds crushed No. 7 Viroqua before escaping with a one-point win over No. 3 Altoona. Aquinas is led by sophomore Samantha Davis, a forward with Division I college offers that includes Marquette. Davis is averaging a hair under 22 points per game and seven boards a game. Maddie Murphy is another player to watch as she has hit 42.6% of her 204 attempts from beyond-the-arc.

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