Prep Girls: Games to watch

Feb. 14—Altoona at Baldwin-Woodville, 7 p.m., Thursday

Baldwin-Woodville — at 11-2 in conference play — is guaranteed at least a share of the Middle Border Conference title as the Blackhawks stand a game in front of second-place Altoona and Prescott with one game to play. If Altoona can replicate its performance against Baldwin-Woodville in the first matchup between the two — a 52-34 Railroaders victory — Altoona and Baldwin-Woodville will split the Middle Border crown. However, there is a good chance at a three-way tie if Altoona emerges victorious as Prescott would simply need a win over Osceola, who is 0-13 in conference play, to tie the Rails and Blackhawks at 11-3 against the league.

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