Premium cable network formerly known as Showtime announces multiple Billions spin-offs


Quick, you’ve just been put in charge of Paramount+ With Showtime (the premium cable platform formerly known as Showtime), and you have to come up with the titles for as many spin-offs of his drama Billions as you can in the next 15 seconds. Go! Go! Go!

Alright, if you wrote down “Millions” and/or “Trillions,” congratulations! You have what it takes to be the next Paramount+ With Showtime executive! Those are indeed two of the Billions spin-offs that P+WS has in the works, in addition to Billions: Miami and Billions: London (bonus points if you wrote either of those down). Weirdly, they all sound like completely different shows, save for the all-important inclusion of mega-rich people doing bad things.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Millions will be about “diverse thirtysomething financial mogul wannabes doing whatever it takes to make it in Manhattan,” and Trillions will be a soapy drama telling “fictional stories of the richest people in the world” (fictional rich people, we assume). Billions: Miami will specifically be about “the world of private aviation,” which is a wild decision, and then Billions: London sounds like it will just be Billions but set in London.

But P+WS isn’t stopping at expanding just one of its bigger franchises: The THR story also says that the network is developing a follow-up to Dexter sequel series New Blood that will focus more on his son, Harrison, as well as a Dexter prequel series called Dexter: Origins that’s all about… Dexter’s origins. It’s just like Dexter, but the actors will probably all be different and it takes place before all the stuff that nobody liked! Basically, P+WS is leaning into what works, and—as THR notes—what it owns outright, which means not paying licensing fees to anyone else.

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