Pregnant mom shuts down nasty TikTok comment about pregnancy weight

When pregnant mom and content creator, Stevie Moon (@thehealthcurator). received a nasty comment on TikTok regarding her recent weight gain, she decided to film her response. Stevie, 32 weeks pregnant with her second child, said. “Why are we so obsessed with the number on the scale, and talking to mamas who are growing human beings and bringing souls to earth,” . “with the focus always on their weight, or how ‘good they look for being pregnant?’”. “Pregnant women gain weight. It’s healthy and natural… The vanity metrics don’t matter,” she concluded. Parents in the comments lauded Stevie. According to the CDC, gaining weight is completely normal and to be expected during pregnancy — no matter your starting weight. In fact, weight gain is essential to the health and growth of your baby