Pregnant Gainesville woman, 29, indicted on first-degree murder of boyfriend

A Gainesville woman has been indicted for first-degree murder for the shooting death of her then-boyfriend, the state attorney's office announced late Monday.

Rachael Laniese Wilks, 29, was arrested on Feb. 1 after admitting to shooting her Brian Rashad Brown. Wilks was reportedly pregnant with twins and Brown was believed to be the father.

Wilks said she was unaware that she killed Brown and said she did so in self-defense. A grand jury and prosecutors, however, say otherwise.

"Wilks provided inconsistent statements to investigators over several months," a release from state Attorney Brian Kramer's office said. "Initially Wilks called law enforcement to report the incident but based on the evidence collected during the two-month investigation, the Alachua County Spring Term Grand Jury returned a True Bill."

On Dec. 31, 2021, Wilks called the police to remove someone from her home but was told about the proper eviction process needed in order to do so. Later that evening, she called the emergency line and told dispatchers that she shot her gun at her boyfriend in self-defense.

Police said they found the victim with a single gunshot wound to the temple.

Wilks, according to interviews with GPD, told officers that the two had a history of verbal and physical abuse. She said Brown threatened to kill her and her unborn children.

When she fired a gun, she said she did so with her eyes closed and fled the scene with her four children and didn't know Brown's status. She said her children did not witness the shooting.

Investigators said there was no documented history of abuse between the parties and that she showed no injuries consistent with abuse. Investigators also found issues with her story based on blood and the angle of the shot and believe Brown was on the ground when he was shot.

Following her arrest on Feb. 1, Wilks deviated from her story and said the victim bent down to pick up his phone before charging at her and didn't know why the evidence didn't support her story, according to an arrest report. One of the children interviewed also drew a picture of the shooting.

County Judge Meshon Rawls issued no bond for the charges. A trial date will be set at a later date.

This article originally appeared on The Gainesville Sun: Gainesville woman, 29, indicted on first-degree murder of boyfriend