A prediction is in for the Commanders to win the NFC East in 2024

The Washington Commanders will look drastically different in 2024. There’s a new general manager (Adam Peters) and a new head coach (Dan Quinn).

Quinn just recently completed his coaching staff. It’s a staff full of experience, with former head coaches and coordinators joining Quinn in Washington. The Commanders will also likely have a new quarterback in 2024.

With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, Washington is positioned to land one of the draft’s top three quarterbacks. The Houston Texans, with a new head coach last season and a quarterback selected second overall, won their division and a playoff game in 2023.

Could the Commanders follow a similar path in 2024?

It’s way too early for those types of predictions. We don’t know who Washington will select in the draft or sign in free agency.

But Colin Cowherd, on Friday’s edition of “The Herd,” believes the Commanders will follow Houston’s path in 2024.

“Commanders win their division,” Cowherd said. “Why Commanders? $75 million in cap space. Love Dan Quinn and Kliff Kingsbury as a staff. I think the Eagles and the Cowboys, because of age and drama, are vulnerable. I think the Commanders, we have a surprise team every year in the league. I think they get Drake Maye. I think Drake Maye is like Justin Herbert as a comp. Played in a simple college offense and will be better than people think immediately. Herbert was, C.J. Stroud was. I think Drake Maye is that guy this year.”

Cowherd makes some good points here. The NFL does have surprise teams every year. And who knows what happens with the Cowboys and Eagles with head coaches on shaky ground.

The Commanders seem far away right now, but they are set up for an immediate turnaround with a strong offseason.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire