Predicting the Yankees' 2024 roster: Prospects, trades, free agents, and keepers

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Scott Thompson
·6 min read
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Gerrit Cole, Brad Hand, DJ LeMahieu, Luis Castillo, and Aaron Judge
Gerrit Cole, Brad Hand, DJ LeMahieu, Luis Castillo, and Aaron Judge

In 2021, the Yankees are once again a formidable AL East team that has World Series contender written all over them.

Will that be the same three seasons from now?

GM Brian Cashman might not be thinking that far ahead, but when it comes to roster configuration, looking into the future is a necessity because players eventually want their money and tough decisions must be made along the way. There are a few Yankees due for extensions down the road, and Cashman has always been one to have a few roster moves up his sleeve, too. And there’s also the Yankees having the ability to flex financial muscle to maintain their forceful nature in the postseason.

So, with that in mind, let’s try and predict the 2024 Yankees roster:

Starting Lineup

Catcher: Gary Sanchez
This is the story where Sanchez figures out his offensive troubles and leads Cashman to giving him an extension, though it isn’t one with a ton of years behind it. Don’t worry, it’s not a massive long-term one. They have to save that potential for two others on the roster.

First Base: Luke Voit
Voit’s final year of arbitration is 2024, though the Yanks could very well extend him before that to lock him in. However, it’s worth noting that Voit is turning 30 this year, so if there is an extension it would be short-term one would guess. He’s still the slugger New York wants in place.

Second Base: DJ LeMahieu
Self-explanatory here. LeMahieu signed his six-year, $90 million deal this offseason and he’s locked in past 2024.

Shortstop: Gleyber Torres
Torres is in the final year of arbitration here, so before the season even begins, he could be the Yanks’ next big extension after a name we’re about to get to in just a bit (you can probably guess who). Could Torres move to third? Potentially at this point. But for now, I’m going to bank on his play at shortstop getting a little better.

Third Base: Gio Urshela
The reason I want to leave Torres at short is because the Yanks just can’t stray away from the guy that has held down third base for this long. He’s a free agent in 2024, but an extension to keep Urshela – one of Cashman’s best trades in his portfolio – aboard should be ironed out. It also shouldn’t break the bank either.

Left Field: Clint Frazier
Frazier continues to prove he's the first-round pick the Indians believed he’d be in 2013. Frazier is also in the final year of arbitration here.

Center Field: Jasson Dominguez
“El Marciano” has landed in the Bronx. Dominguez, who has worked his way through the minors with considerable success, is ready for the big stage. There will be tons of hype around this roster move by the Yanks, but it’s well deserved after all the scouts and experts were proved right about what this guy can do on a ballfield. Now he’ll have to try to live up to the Mike Trout comparisons.

Right Field: Aaron Judge
Here’s that guy with the extension we were talking about earlier. Judge gets his long-term extension with the Yankees before he becomes a free agent following the 2022 campaign. He’s still the face of the franchise and is crushing balls to Monument Park each season.

Designated Hitter: Giancarlo Stanton
There is no way any team is going to take on his massive contract, so the Yankees are hoping that the 34-year-old Stanton can produce quality at-bats in the DH role. They’d like him to age like a Nelson Cruz, who still gives pitchers problems.

Starting Rotation

1. RHP Gerrit Cole
The Yankees write another $36 million check and are happy doing so because the righty ace is still putting on a show for the bleacher creatures.

2. RHP Luis Castillo
Cashman has worked his magic to land a big fish before he hits free agency in 2024. Here’s the deal: In 2023, the Yankees send Aaron Hicks, Miguel Andujar, Deivi Garcia and prospect Oswald Peraza to the Reds in exchange for a 30-year-old Castillo, who they later extend. He serves as a No. 1b to Cole at the top of a scary rotation for the Yanks.

3. RHP Luis Severino
Severino has found success post-Tommy John surgery and is cruising in pinstripes years later. The right-hander is No. 3 in the rotation here, but again, he could easily be pitching at a No. 1 or 2 level. A three-headed monster may be in the cards.

4. RHP Jameson Taillon
The trade working better than expected for the Yanks. Taillon pitched well in 2021 and 2022, and the Yanks re-signed him on a short-term deal before hitting free agency in 2023.

5. LHP Jordan Montgomery
The only lefty in the rotation is returning on a short-term pact, as he’s a free agent in 2024.


Closer: LHP Brad Hand
Hand only signed a one-year deal with the Nationals in 2021, after which the Yanks scooped him up via free agency. With Aroldis Chapman a free agent in 2023, they let him go at age 35 and Hand takes over as the team’s closer.

Set Up: RHP Luis Gil
The Yankees’ top prospect can throw gas, reaching triple-digits at times. He has some electric stuff and can easily set up for Hand, if not take over the closer role down the line.

LHP Amir Garrett
Garrett wants to test free agency instead of staying with the Reds in 2024, and it’s to the Yankees’ delight. They’ll take the uber-competitive lefty and add him to the back end of the bullpen that can be very tough to crack.

RHP Chad Green
He’s still a staple in the ‘pen, signing a new deal once he hits free agency in 2023 that’s short-term and helps provide consistency for at least another year.

RHP Clarke Schmidt
He hasn’t been able to crack the rotation just yet, but the Yankees like his versatility in the ‘pen. If an injury occurs, though, he’s ready for the spot start.

RHP Domingo German
The Yankees still like German out of the bullpen where he’s had experience before anyway. His experience allows him to work anywhere when the skipper needs him.

RHP Alexander Vizcaino
This splitter-throwing righty has the upside to be a back-end type of reliever. But for now, he’s working in the middle innings normally.

RHP Yoendrys Gomez
The wiry right-hander has grown more into his body and is delivering pitches with force by this time. He’ll be a solid addition to the ‘pen.


C Kyle Higashioka
Higgy is still with the Yanks serving in a backup role and spelling Sanchez some nights off to deliver his patented defense-first approach.

UTIL Tyler Wade
The Yanks still have their super utility man on the bench because he can be used anywhere they like. He’s arbitration eligible until 2024.

OF Mike Tauchman
Tauchman is still arbitration eligible, too, and provides solid outfield depth and a good pinch-hit bat when need be.

1B Austin Wells
The first-round pick has arm issues dating back to his high school days, the Yankees convert him to first base and just can’t keep his bat down in the minors. He can spare Voit time at first base and provide a good left-handed bat when they need it. He could also take over for Voit following the 2024 season.