Predicting the four CFP teams after chaotic Conference Championship Weekend

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz does his best to predict what the College Football Playoff selection committee might do after Conference Championship Weekend. With Michigan and Washington probably taking the top two spots, how might the committee sort out who among Texas, Alabama and Florida State will claim the other two places?

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: They saved the best for last of the last year of the four team college football playoff format. And frankly, I've never seen chaos like this. I've been covering the playoffs since 2017, and this is the first time we've ever finished the conference championship games where I don't really know what the committee is going to do.

Let's start with what's easy. Georgia lost the SEC Championship game to Bama. So the easy part is Georgia's no longer number one. That means Michigan, by way of winning the Big Ten Championship game over Iowa, likely moves up to that spot. Michigan fine.

Washington, we all saw them win the Pac 12 on Friday night over Oregon. They likely go to number two. That's all easy. Nothing else is. Now, what do you do with Texas and Alabama and Florida State? It's complicated because remember, just days ago, the Committee Chairperson, Boo Corrigan said, quote, "Head-to-head is head-to-head, no matter when the game is played, that's how we look at it."

That's what he told you just days ago. Which means by head-to-head, Texas has a head-to-head win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa. As a result, Texas, I think, is going to be the number three team in the country. And this is where it gets spicy. We've never seen an SEC champion left out of the playoffs, but we've also never seen an undefeated Power Five champion left out of the playoffs.

What do you do with a one loss Alabama and an undefeated Florida State? Now, any of us who have watched the games knows Alabama looks better than Florida State, but Florida State is undefeated. And if you're a Florida State fan, what you're saying right now is, hey, we just beat a top 15 team with our third string quarterback. We never trailed and we held a top 20 offense to six points. The defense for Florida State absolutely looked playoff worthy.

If I were a member of this committee, based on the way the committee has gone in the past, I would go. Michigan, Washington, Texas, Florida State. However, with this committee, and based on the eye test, I think they're going to throw the curveball. Not because there's SEC bias. That doesn't exist for the guys in the committee as much as you guys think it does. This is simply because they can justify it with the eye test.

Right now, Alabama is playing like a top four team. As a result, I think the committee will keep those same top three, but they will put Alabama in at number four. What I know for certain is that we have no idea. And tomorrow's announcement is going to be historic.