Predicting the Commanders’ home opener in 2023

Will the Washington Commanders open the 2023 season on the road or home at FedEx Field? The NFL will unveil the 2023 schedule Thursday night, and there will be leaks throughout the day, such as who each team will open the season against.

We’ve known Washington’s list of opponents for some time. On Thursday, we’ll know the whens of each game.

The Commanders will, presumably, have a new owner by September. Naturally, fans want to know if Snyder’s absence will positively impact Washington’s home attendance. The Commanders haven’t always had trouble filling up FedEx Field in recent years, but unfortunately, it is the opponent’s fans that have filled up Washington’s home stadium.

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So for Washington’s home opener, it makes sense to schedule a team that doesn’t have a strong national following or is a division team. That would rule out the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Bills and Bears. The Bills and Bears always travel well. That leaves Washington’s final three home opponents as the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.

At first glance, it makes sense to schedule the Cardinals early, as they could be the worst team in the NFL. Washington has opened the season against Miami twice at FedEx Field since 2007 [2007 & 2015]. The Dolphins and Washington split those games.

The Dolphins will be one of the NFL’s most exciting teams in 2023, while the 49ers are a Super Bowl contender, depending on what happens at quarterback.

Will it be Miami, Arizona, or San Francisco? There is a good chance it will be one of the three.

Ultimately, the NFL wants the Commanders to begin a new era on a strong note, so making the Arizona Cardinals the home opener makes the most sense.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire