Prankster woman convinces boyfriend she sold his entire Pokémon card collection

Never mess with a man's Pokémon collection — unless you're pranking him, of course. Isabel Vargas is a bit of a jokester. There's nothing funnier to her than messing with her boyfriend. She has an entire TikTok series dedicated to convincing him she sold his collection of Pokémon cards. While the hobby most millennials remember from elementary school may seem kind of corny, Pokémon cards are actually pretty valuable. According to Forbes, the most valuable cards range from $489 to $2,032. So when Vargas told her boyfriend she was selling his whole collection for $200, you can see why he might be a little upset. She posted photos of his cards with the caption, "selling this Pokémon collection for $150. Hit me up," and "most expensive Pokémon card case with cards $200". She took photos of herself packing the Pokémon cards up in an envelope and putting it in a mailbox. Then she sent the pictures to her boyfriend. "Bro stop playing with me," he texted her. "You better get inside that mailbox and look for my package and bring it back before I get back home". People loved Vargas' prank, although they did empathize with her boyfriend a little. "You're making him suffer, girl. Now do it some more," a person joked