Practice Notes 10/9

Kelly Quinlan, Publisher
Jackets Online

Danny Karnik/GTAA

ATLANTA- As a tropical storm passes through the southeast, Georgia Tech's football team prepared for #10 Miami on Monday after a weekend off. Jackets head coach Paul Johnson said the team had their typical Tuesday practice with full pads and tackling to the ground in preparation for the Canes.

One of the big focuses on Monday's practice was special teams as was some of last week's practice. Johnson said they had several live periods of work on special teams to fix mistakes in kick and punt coverage and improve the return game.

"We had a regular Tuesday practice in full pads," Johnson said. "We worked the fool out of (special teams) and hopefully we see some improvement if not, I have no idea what to do with it. We worked on all of it, kickoff coverage, punt coverage, kickoff return and punt return, all of it. We went live and looked at all kinds of personnel."

The Jackets named captains on Monday. Quarterback TaQuon Marshall, defensive back Lawrence Austin and defensive end KeShun Freeman were named the captains. In seven of Paul Johnson's ten season at Georgia Tech the starting quarterback has been a captain. Vad Lee was the only starting quarterback not named a team captain during his tenure as a starter.

"We voted on it today and we have three good guys and they will do a good job," Johnson said. "The nature of the position and TaQuon does a nice job leading, but if you go back, those guys tend to be it. JT (Justin Thomas) was a captain for a while. It was really close between TaQuon and Ricky (Jeune) and only beat him by a couple of votes."

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It is the same line from last year. It is not the best (offensive) line we've played, but they are the same as Pitt and North Carolina so they are not that good, but they have a lot of talented skill players. The wide receiver is pretty good and the quarterback is pretty good so if we do our job upfront we will win the game," senior defensive end Antonio Simmons said.


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