Power rankings: Sports Illustrated likes all of the Bills’ additions on offense

Dalton Kincaid has gotten a ton of praise as the Buffalo Bills’ first-round pick.

O’Cyrus Torrence was supposed to be a first rounder but fell to the Bills in Round 2.

But how about Justin Shorter?

Sports Illustrated ranked Buffalo as the fourth-best team in the NFL following the 2023 draft. In doing so, all three prospects earned praise from the outlet.

Kincaid was touted as the draft’s best playmaking tight end while some called Torrence the top-guard prospect. Shorter, a fifth-round prospect, was lower down the list in terms of receiver talent on draft boards, but SI likes his potential thanks to his height.

No, he’s not short. Rather, Shorter’s 6-foot-4 frame puts him in contention as a potential red-zone threat that’s tough to cover. A lot of work has to be done to fine tune his game, but Shorter could be a diamond in the rough.

Ahead of the Bills, SI does have a bit of a surprise. The Kansas City Chiefs sit in second, not first. The Philadelphia Eagles are named the top dog in the league and the Cincinnati Bengals round out the group.

SI’s full breakdown on the Bills can be found below:

The Bills seriously upgraded their offense on multiple fronts and added a ton of physicality. That’s not just true about the second-round pick, guard O’Cyrus Torrence, but almost every one of their offensive players has an edge. First-rounder Dalton Kincaid is a tight end–wide receiver hybrid. Justin Shorter, the wide receiver out of Florida, is also massive and is going to be a problem for smaller defensive backs.


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