Pourchaire secures McLaren return for Barber

Theo Pourchaire’s standout debut for the Arrow McLaren team at Long Beach has been rewarded with his second IndyCar race days later at this weekend’s stop at Barber Motorsports Park.

The Frenchman’s run from 22nd to 11th on Sunday in the No. 6 Chevy as the latest stand-in for the injured David Malukas made it easy for the team to hold onto the 2023 Formula 2 champion for another outing.

Speaking with RACER moments after finishing the 85-lap Long Beach race, Pourchaire was all smiles, but also did his best to hide the effects of all he endured in the cockpit during his IndyCar debut.

At Barber, which is one of the two most physically punishing circuits on the calendar, he’ll have an even harder time attacking the steering wheel with full force for the entire race.

“Looking at me now, my shoulders are hurting a lot, to be honest,” he told RACER. “I don’t want to move too much. You know, I feel okay. I’m quite surprised. It was really tough physically, but I was also prepared; I have a reserve role in Formula 1 as well, so I have to be ready at any time.

“IndyCar is a little bit more special because we don’t have any power steering and bumpy tracks like Long Beach makes it really difficult. But you know, I was prepared. I struggled a little bit, I have to be honest, but I will be more prepared for the future if I have another opportunity.”

Story originally appeared on Racer