A new potential bidder for the Commanders?

We know that Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris is among the favorites to acquire the Washington Commanders if owner Daniel Snyder sells the team, as many believe he will.

Last weekend, we learned of another NBA owner who was also interested in the team. Tilman Fertitta, the owner of the Houston Rockets, recently placed a bid on the Commanders, which was believed to be just above $5.5 billion.

While Fertitta isn’t believed to be one of the favorites, he remains one to watch.

On Wednesday, Charles Gasparino of FOX Business added another potential name to the mix. Marc Lasry, co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, is reportedly contemplating a possible bid on the Commanders.

Just this week, Lasry agreed to sell his portion of the Bucks to Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslem and Haslam Sports Group for a reported $3.5 billion.

That’s pretty good timing if Lasry wants to add an NFL team to his portfolio.

Lasry, 63, is the co-founder of Avenue Capital Group. He is a private equity investor and hedge fund manager.

Thus far, Gasparino is the only one to report any possible interest from Lasry in the Commanders. Even so, he didn’t confirm Lasry would make a bid on Washington, only that it was a consideration.

Harris and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos remain the favorites to be the next owner of the Commanders.

Washington’s ownership situation is fluid, and it will remain that way over the next several weeks until the NFL owner’s meetings the last week in March.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire