Postgame Video: Cal Falls to Washington, 38-7

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report


Opening Statement:

Obviously a really disappointing performance. You have to give Washington a lot of credit, excellent team, really well coached, really good players. We didn't do anything on offense to give us a chance. We’re going to have to reevaluate some things, obviously again credit to them. In terms of the run game, we've got to be more productive in the run game, pass game, kind of across the board offensively. Defensively, we did a few good things but the third downs killed us and we didn't do a good enough job getting off the field. In the special teams game, punt got a lot of work, obviously working with a good returner, you know, we didn't place the ball as well as we would have liked in the punt game. It’s going to be a quick turnaround. Got a game Friday and we are going to find out a lot about our team in the next 48 hours. And we just, across the board, we’ve got to be better. Coaching starts with me, make sure we’re giving our guys the best opportunity in terms of what we’re doing on offense, defense, and special teams. All of us as coaches will work to do that. And then we have to go out and execute and there's a lot of reasons we didn't execute and we’ve got to improve. There’s no excuse for it.

When you say you are going to reevaluate things, what specifically comes to mind?

Well just how we can give guys the best chance to be successful. You know, just this is where we’re at offensively, defensively, and on special teams. Personnel, how we’re using those guys, are we giving them the best chance to win, and that’s what we do every week, but we are going to have to this week and make sure everyone's got an opportunity who can help us win a game. And make sure those guys have an opportunity to do what they do best.

How did the absence of Noa effect the offense?

Anytime you lose a player that contributes it’s not ideal. There’s a reason they play and when you lose a guy like Kanawai, who’s been productive for us, the next guys got to step up. It’s unfortunate for Kanawai, I love the guy, but nobody that we play cares if guys on our team get hurt. So the next guys got to step up and we got to produce and that's what practice is for, and that’s why they come to play football here.

Probably the play of the game for Cal today, can you talk about your fumble recovery and touchdown?

I just saw the ball and picked it up, I was just trying to make a play. The offense had a rough night so I’m just trying to put some points on the board for the defense and get some momentum going.

What is it about their offense that is so difficult?

Coach Peterson does a great job in their practice schemes and getting them ready for games. They just came out and played harder than us, they played better, and executed more plays than us. They came out with the victory and all my credit goes to them.

Coach was talking about you being a resilient team, but that you need to step up and win more one-on-one battles and so forth, do you see that you guys need to take it a step further now?

Yes sir. We are young, there is a lot of guys that are new to Pac 12 football. They will get the experience down, like coach said, we all have to win in one-on-one battles. It is a team sport, the best team sport ever created, ever invented, we have to continue to just battle in practice. One-on-one battles will turn into eleven-on-eleven battles, and eleven-on-eleven battles will turn into wins.

What was your overall impression of your defensive effort tonight and that of your team?

I don’t think we played well enough on either side of the ball. Defense we missed some opportunities that we really should have taken advantage of but going forward, how we treat this is really going to determine what kind of a defense we are. It is important that we learn from today and keep going forward.

You nearly had the pick there in the end zone. How much do you think that would have changed the momentum?

I think it would have gave us a lot of momentum. Like I said, we left some opportunities out there that we should have taken advantage of, and we will going forward.

Do you think you should have had that [pick in the end zone]?


Ross has been sacked now 17 times in the past three games, is there anything that you as an offensive lineman can pinpoint as an issue?

It is definitely a problem. We have to address it, we have been addressing it, we will take it upon ourselves to work on that and get better on that, and it is really going to be about this week. How we are going to fix that, the steps we are going to take to keep him clean, because we know that that’s not acceptable for us, or for a team to win at all. So we will really take it upon ourselves and get better.

What things do you guys need to do to get the run game started again?

We need to keep attacking it, we need to keep calling the run game. As an offensive line we need to step it up and move off the line of scrimmage. Our running backs had a great game today, they ran hard which is awesome to see.

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