Postgame Twitter Bonanza: OMG! Finally, Arkansas fans let out sigh of relief

Not only is the excitement evident, but the sigh of relief is even bigger, for Arkansas fans after the Razorbacks went into the daunted Swamp on Saturday and defeated the Florida Gators 39-36 in overtime, thus snapping a miserable six-game losing streak.

There were still many doubters in Razorback-land coming into the game, despite the Hogs being only a 3-point underdog. And although it looked at times like the streak would move to seven, KJ Jefferson hit Tyrone Broden for a 4-yard touchdown pass in the extra period to stop the skid.

Fans and others took to Twitter … err, X … following the game to finally display their cheer for the Razorbacks.

Here is what was being posted:

Let the emotions out

Can you smell what the Hogs are cooking?

All about the helmets

Yes, there's still a chance ...

Hurray for Guiton!

Adapt and overcome

Never give up

Making history

KJ the Truth

What a feeling

When given the chance

Nothing like SEC football

They backed it up

Feasting on Gator

Credit to Pittman

Hogs break loose

Hopeful Hog fan

Top Hogs

Swift kick

Forever a Hog

Huge number on O

This is the team

Here's to a victory

The pride shines through

Gift from Above

Hail to Coach Kenny

Kind of sums it up

Callin' those Hogs

Desperately needed

Yes it does

Huge difference

What a birthday gift

Just the first step

More love for Kenny G

Poor Gator fan

Game Over!

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire