Postel names Tyra as Acting AD

Howie Lindsey, Publisher
Cardinal Sports

Louisville interim President Dr. Greg Postel has named local businessman Vince Tyra as the acting Athletic Director.


Tyra is taking the helm at UofL Athletics after Tom Jurich was suspended by Postel last Wednesday.

"After a lot of due diligence...," Postel said. "... It is an honor to announce Vince Tyra as Acting Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of Louisville."

Tyra said he is first and foremost a fan of Louisville Athletics.

"I'm a Cardinal fan, I raised my kids as Cardinal fans," Tyra said. Tyra's father, Charlie Tyra, is a Louisville legend and was an All-American and a professional star.

"My initial concern in all this was the student-athletes," Tyra said. "... When I started thinking about these student-athletes and these coaches... I am hopeful that I can provide that leadership to the teams and coaches."

Tyra is a successful business owner of ISCO Industries and a private equity firm as well. Tyra got emotional when he spoke of the opportunity to help Louisville Athletics in its "time of need."

"I'm honored to be chosen," Tyra said. "... I am stepping out of the quiet life that I have had previously, and stepping into more of a limelight."

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