Posted Up - Jalen Rose plays "Better Than": KD or Steph?

The ESPN NBA analyst, New York Post columnist, entrepreneur (and more!) joins Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes to answer some hot questions around the game and give his take on which choice is better.

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Video Transcript


Time to play our posted up game of "Better Than" presented by Hulu + Live TV. Jalen Rose is here with me. I'm going to ask him a series of questions. You tell me which of these is better than the other. All right, here we go. Number one, is Kevin Durant a better scorer than Stephen Curry?

JALEN ROSE: Yes, because he has a post game also. He got that boxes and elbows game.


JALEN ROSE: So based on his height, those are two players that remind you that basketball is a tall man's game. Because if they were at the park, most people would still pick KD because he's 6'11".

CHRIS HAYNES: For sure. For sure. He can mix it up in different ways. Good, good, good response. Number two, is the Eastern Conference right now better than the Western Conference?

JALEN ROSE: No. When you look at overall teams, you would say, well, the fifth or sixth best team in the East is probably better than the fifth or sixth best team in the West, but the best teams in basketball are in the West. The Warriors, the Suns. LeBron still plays in the West with AD.


JALEN ROSE: The East and watching teams like the Bulls and the Wizards get off to a good start, and I think they'll clearly both be playoff teams, but I don't think those teams will be like top three in the conference. That's going to be the Nets, Heat, and the Bucks.

CHRIS HAYNES: OK. My final three question's number three. Is hitting a 35-footer better than a 360 dunk?

JALEN ROSE: Ain't nothing better than a 360 dunk.

CHRIS HAYNES: There you go. You don't see that often.

JALEN ROSE: Correct. Ain't nothing better than a 360 dunk.


JALEN ROSE: You can make a 35-footer with your eyes closed.


CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, you can't do a 360 dunk with your eyes closed.

JALEN ROSE: Steph Curry and Dame and Trae Young got y'all spoiled.



JALEN ROSE: There's only three of them. It's only three of them. I just named y'all the guys that's shooting from that far.

CHRIS HAYNES: There you go. All right, here's a little bit more-- a little more intimate question. Is hanging with the fam on Christmas better than playing an NBA game on Christmas? Be careful right here, Jalen.

JALEN ROSE: There' nothing better than playing.


JALEN ROSE: There's nothing better than playing. I know you've probably heard some rumblings of guys about playing on Christmas Day. I was in the league when there was an East Coast game and a West Coast game.


JALEN ROSE: That was it. Now you get 10 teams playing on Christmas and so you got to ball the previous year to be on Christmas. And so for the Pacers, we made the finals in 2000 so we got the Christmas Day game in 2001. Definitely a bigger deal than hanging with the fam. And by the way, you in the league. You buying everybody presents anyway.



CHRIS HAYNES: That's true. Yeah, you probably-- you probably want to be away from family as much as you can on that day anyway, for that.

JALEN ROSE: Yeah, man.


JALEN ROSE: Make that bread on Christmas.

CHRIS HAYNES: My final question. Is hosting a podcast better than being a guest on a podcast?

JALEN ROSE: Nothing like hosting--

CHRIS HAYNES: Mm-hmm. Run the show.

JALEN ROSE: --because you're the quarterback. You're the driver of the Formula One vehicle. You get a chance to acknowledge your guest and get to know them and allow your audience to get to know them, but then you get a chance to spin on what they say and then have your opinion about how you feel about it. And so I think one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make in multimedia is they just don't allow their media commentary to reflect their actual personality and that's one of the things I tried to always do.

I ain't perfect. I'm going to mess up names. I'm going to mispronounce stuff. Like, it's going to happen. I've been doing this for 20, 30 years. Like, that ain't the point. The point is you know my goal is to try to stick the landing and so ain't nothing like being the host. That's why I host two of them right now-- "Jalen and Jacoby" and "Renaissance Man."


My man. Appreciate you, brother. And a reminder to everyone that with Hulu + live TV you can watch live sports, flip channels like cable, and stream like Hulu.