Posted Up - Donovan Mitchell addresses reported tension with Rudy Gobert

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Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: So I'm just gonna put it out there. Everybody wants to know how serious is this thing between you and Rudy Gobert, your teammate. I talked to a lot of people, they say, man, this is the modern day Kobe-Shaq type of a situation.


CHRIS HAYNES: People want to know how serious this is. There's reports, I know you see them. There's tension brewing between those two, it hasn't repaired itself, it's probably gotten worse. Where do things stand?

DONOVAN MITCHELL: I think it's interesting that-- first of all, we're good. I just want to go on record of saying that. But I think it's interesting that that stuff happens and him and I have never played at this high of a level together since we've been here. So I make the joke-- for a group that hates each other, man, we're playing pretty well. And we can be even better.

So for me, it's like we're good, we're focused on winning, we're working towards a common goal, and like I said, it starts at me and big fella. If we want to get to ultimately win a championship, it's going to start with us. And reports are going to be reports, people are going to say what they want to say and if we win a championship, then there's really nothing to be said. So that's the goal. And we're good. As teammates we're good, we're ready to try and find ways to win. Because we've made it to the first round or second round since we've both been here and we're looking to do bigger things.

CHRIS HAYNES: When you see-- I think it was a couple of weeks ago, I don't know, and Rudy has some quotes about what-- like comparing this team to what another team does.


CHRIS HAYNES: And people kind of hinted or suggested that he might-- those might have been shots directed at you or something like that. How did you take that?

DONOVAN MITCHELL: I mean, I said it in the conference. People have their own way of expressing things. I think the bigger way would have been just do it in house, but it's water under the bridge for me now, for us as a group. That's just how he chose to address it. Like, whatever.

And like I said, we have a common goal, Chris. So look, I'm not going to let anything take-- especially for myself, when I speak for-- I'm not going to let anything take me off my course. I'm trying to find a way to be the best leader, the best teammate possible, and go out there and elevate and be the best that we can be.

CHRIS HAYNES: Teammates don't have to necessarily be-- like you said, be best friends or things like that. Is this a relationship that you think should be a little bit better or you think the way it is is--

DONOVAN MITCHELL: I think so. I think it's good. I think it's cool where we're at. I think-- like I said, when you work with someone and you have something that you want to get to and you have people who are competitive around you, you have people that are competitive-- when I say around, I mean our teammates and coaching staff. When you have people that-- two people that are competitive, you want to ultimately be the best.

I would take that as opposed to two dudes who just want to sit on their ass and do nothing. You know what I mean? You have two guys who are going to go out there and compete. He's a three time Defensive Player of the Year, I'm a three time All-Star, we're going to find ways to get better individually and collectively as a group. Locke told me this, we're top 5 in pick and roll together because we understand each other, we understand each other's tendencies and habits and finding ways to get better.

CHRIS HAYNES: It does kind of still-- me, this is me talking. It still does kind of remind me of Shaq and Kobe.

DONOVAN MITCHELL: I wish, because they got three rings. Shoot.


DONOVAN MITCHELL: If that's the case, they got three rings.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, because you guys know it's like, things might not have gone as planned, but you guys know each other. Like when it's on the court, you know his tendencies. You know that.