Posted Up - Desmond Bane on his dust-up with LeBron James

The Memphis Grizzlies second-year guard makes a return visit to the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to discuss his recent scuffle with the Lakers superstar and what led to the exchange during a game earlier this month in Los Angeles.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: Do you consider yourself to be a trash talker?

DESMOND BANE: I ain't going to say I'm a trash talker, but I ain't backing down from nobody that I want to talk trash. That's for sure.



CHRIS HAYNES: OK. So you know where I'm going, Des. You know where I'm going, man. So during the streak, you guys faced the Lakers. And LeBron was calling the mic, addressing you, saying y'all talking too much, bleep, I don't play that S. You make a couple of shots, and you start talking S. You ain't going to disrespect me. And all that stuff.

So take me through just that sequence, what led to that, and what happened.

DESMOND BANE: No, I mean, obviously two competitors going at it first and foremost. But early in the game, I get a and 1. And he's walking up all next to me and then he pushed me. So I turn around and I was like, we ain't going to do that. Just stopping it right there. We ain't going to do that. Let's play ball. You know what I'm saying? And that's what everybody is saying, we're all saying, play basketball. We ain't worried about none of that. So we was already kind of chirping in the first half.

And then I hit a 3 and in the second half. And he's coming behind me with his footsteps, them big old feet he got, thumping. And I'm like, them footsteps ain't scaring nothing. And I'm coming back down the other end. And I think he had a turnover. Travis fouled shooting at the line. And then we just right then and there, we're going at it. It's just two competitors. This is basketball. Every game that people care about what they're doing, there's going to be some of that out there for sure.

CHRIS HAYNES: What led to just that portion of the sequence? I mean, that portion of the incident in the paint right there? Y'all went to the free throw line. So was there something said after that?

DESMOND BANE: No, I'm saying that's what was said right before. I hit the 3, and I say what I got to say. And then they coming back down, he bringing the ball down the floor, he turned it over, and I'm making noise, and then we go down and get fouled in transition. And that's when he [INAUDIBLE]. He was like, I've had enough. That's basically what he's saying. Y'all--


CHRIS HAYNES: I got to ask you--

DESMOND BANE: We're 25 on their court. You know how that go.

CHRIS HAYNES: Des, I got to ask you. What did you say, Des?


CHRIS HAYNES: What did you say when--

DESMOND BANE: I ain't putting it on here. I ain't putting it on here. I ain't putting it on here. I ain't putting it on here.

CHRIS HAYNES: All right. I had to ask. So yeah, I saw when Ja was at the free throw line, you were in the back. I saw Avery Bradley saying something to you. So you had the whole gang on you right there. But that stuff happens. That's hoop talk, hoop trash, and everything. Obviously, you still got respect for LeBron. It's just mutual respect right there.

DESMOND BANE: Most definitely. Most definitely.

CHRIS HAYNES: Did y'all ever talk it out after that, anything?

DESMOND BANE: No. I didn't have the chance.

CHRIS HAYNES: That was it.

DESMOND BANE: Yeah, that was it. We're going to meet again though. We're going to meet again.