Posted Up - Should the Blazers trade the No. 7 pick in the Draft?

In the latest episode of the Yahoo Sports podcast, senior NBA insider Chris Haynes and senior NBA writer Vince Goodwill discuss the 2022 NBA Draft after the Draft Lottery awarded the Orlando Magic with the No. 1 pick, and debate if the Portland Trail Blazers should trade the No. 7 pick. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: Orlando Magic get the number one pick in the draft. Just-- I got to throw out this side note.


CHRIS HAYNES: Portland Trail Blazers-- they did all that tanking, and they finished one spot worse than what they were projected, got the seventh pick. So I'm going to tell you right now. They better trade that pick. Trade that pick.

VINCE GOODWILL: Is that insight and intel, Chris Hayes? Or is that just a gut feeling?

CHRIS HAYNES: They better trade-- that's a gut-- you can call it whatever you want to call it, Vince. Trade that pick.

Hey, look, you saw Dame face. Did you see Dame face when that pick came? [LAUGHS]

VINCE GOODWILL: Well, Dame ain't exactly-- Dame keeps a poker face anyway. He wasn't going to be out there skinning and grinning. You know what I mean?

CHRIS HAYNES: Oh, dang, yeah, that was frustration right there. Dame showed it. It was all in his face. He showed it.

VINCE GOODWILL: I mean, put it like this I would not be surprised if that was going to be some fills for that pick. They're going to put some stuff out there.

I talked to Chauncey Billups in March, and they were going through it. Chauncey was like, look, man, we want this to be a quick turnaround. You don't get a quick turnaround by trying to get the number seven pick in the draft.


VINCE GOODWILL: You get a quick turnaround by trading that pick for a vet.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, and, right now, Dame wants to play for a championship. So that's seven pick--

VINCE GOODWILL: Are you saying the clock is ticking?

CHRIS HAYNES: It's been ticking. It's been ticking. It's urgency. It's real urgency. So--


CHRIS HAYNES: What does Orlando do, number one pick?

VINCE GOODWILL: I'll tell you what I would do, but I don't know if they would do it. I like my man, Chet. I like Chet. I do. I think there's certain teams that he can fit on that he's better than others. You know what I mean?

Like, I don't think he's a center. I don't even think he's a power forward. I think he's a small forward.

CHRIS HAYNES: He's a young Dirk.

VINCE GOODWILL: You know what comparison somebody gave me? Kevin Durant. He was saying, from a profile stance-- not from a game-- he was just saying KD grew into his body. He found a way to have functional strength and to use it, even though KD largely looks the same as he did when he got drafted. You know what I mean? He's put on a little more weight, but KD is pretty much still slim. You know what I mean?

And he said, you know, Kevin Garnett-- when Kevin Garnett came to the league, he was really skinny. He found a way to have functional strength with that. So he was like, don't worry about what you see and seeing someone being rail thin and skinny-- that type of thing. And I'm like, you know you're going to put on some grown man weight, that type of thing. I agree with you.

I think he's the clear-cut number one, to me. And there's a couple of players who I wouldn't touch, but I think he's a clear-cut number one.