Postecoglou on challenges ahead, 'growing pains' and facing Burnley

Ange Postecoglou has been speaking to the media before Tottenham host Burnley on Saturday in the Premier League.

Here are the key lines from his news conference:

  • Postecoglou confirmed that they are "pretty much as we were" in terms of player availability from the last match against Liverpool.

  • He said there were "some moments in the Liverpool game where we looked more like ourselves and we have to take that forward".

  • On comments made about the challenge of the next few years in an interview with Australian TV: "I think I have been pretty consistent in saying that we know the challenge at the moment, the short-term challenge. But I always believe they are a constant in any significant re-build you are doing. The challenges will always be there, it is how you approach and tackle them."

  • He added: "It is most important for me to be clear headed about what we are trying to do and achieve and be as visible in the process as possible. Everyone is trying hard, it is not for the want of not trying, you have to make sure you stay calm, clear headed and chart the way forward."

  • On if the recent run of form has shown there are more tough decisions to be made: "No. I think I have tried to be consistent as I can in saying we have a long way to to go, that hasn't changed since the start. In both a positive and negative sense, if you go on the short term stuff you are liable to jump to the wrong conclusions and wrong decisions. Planning for the summer has been in hand for a while."

  • Postecoglou said he can "understand what the fans are going through" but added: "These are the growing pains you go through. As much as you want to avoid it, it is is part if the process of growth. For the fans and us as a football club it is important to understand the road forward is a challenging one."

  • On how he prepares the team to face a Burnley side who need to win to avoid relegation: "We have to block that out. Most important thing is to prepare ourselves for a big challenge. When you get to this time of year most games are for a consequence and we are still fighting for something. You don't want to fall into the trap of expecting something different other than a really tough opponent."

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