What positions should Texas add in the transfer portal?

The Texas Longhorns have one of the five best rosters in college football for the 2024 season. It’s why so many outlets ranked them so highly in preseason. The Longhorns can still improve.

There aren’t many positions where Texas can get much better through the transfer portal. Offensively, I am skeptical there’s a position worth considering an upgrade. The positions worth watching are on the defensive side.

Texas is good at cornerback. Malik Muhammad was billed as the best player on the field recently in spring practices leading into his second college season. Jahdae Barron, Jaylon Guilbeau, Terrance Brooks and Gavin Holmes are all impact players in their own right.

Clemson transfer Andrew Mukuba is set to start at safety opposite Michael Taaffe or Derek Williams Jr. All three should be better options than last year’s expected starters Jalen Catalon and Jerrin Thompson.

Edge is perhaps the strength of the defense led by UTSA transfer and 14 sack pass rusher Trey Moore and returning playmakers Barryn Sorrell and Ethan Burke. If there were any question of depth, five-star freshman Colin Simmons is added to blue chip talents Justice Finkley and Colton Vasek.

Texas will need to add a punter, but the above positions appear settled. That leaves two defensive positions: Defensive tackle and linebacker.

Defensive lineman Alfred Collins and linebackers Anthony Hill and David Gbenda are reliable options. Morice Blackwell is dependable as well at linebacker. Behind those players are questions.

Arizona transfer Tiaoalii Savea was added at defensive tackle in early portal action, but whether or not his game transfers to the SEC will be worth watching. Vernon Broughton II belongs on the field and can make plays, but doesn’t seem to be the right fit at nose tackle barring improvement in run defense and staying rooted in the turf.

Behind the above two players are more questions. Texas would benefit from adding at least one defensive lineman but could add more.

At linebacker, Anthony Hill is primed for a breakout season after putting up 67 total tackles and five sacks in limited time last year. His role is different, so a veteran presence like Gbenda is optimal. The Longhorns can still add another impact player at the position.

Depth matters. Even if Texas is confident in its top three options with Gbenda, Hill and Blackwell, they will need depth at linebacker. Several collisions are on the way at the position and this season against more SEC offensive linemen and running backs. Even after adding Alabama linebacker Kendrick Blackshire, adding another proven player raises the ceiling for the team.

With all the above stated, a winning principle overrides complacency at any position: Always add talent. If Texas can find an upgrade outside of a position of need, it can add those players. Nevertheless, the Longhorns plan of attack should be to first address defensive tackle. They look to be on the way to doing that through the portal.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire