The Portland Trail Blazers answer some fan signmail

Great signs, Portland Trail Blazers fans. We shared them with the team — here's how they responded:


"Um ... I mean, I could use 'em. Yeah, sure, I know, but still ... like, do you remember how good I was? For real?

"You know what? Never mind. Just ... yeah. It'd be nice. Good knees would be really nice. Like, really, really nice."


"Seriously? What, you have a pair? Oh my God, yes! Yes, I need them! Thank you SO MUCH! You have no idea what this means to me -- finally, I can start fresh. Finally.

"Wait ... rhetorical? A reference to Brandon's ... oh."

/sotto voce

"Thank you for your question and for supporting the portland trail blazer organization. We love our fans we truly do and we appreciate your feedback. going back to hiding now."


"We can't worry about that. Got to focus on the here and now. But I mean ... can you imagine? No way we're down 3-2 to these chumps. Sixty wins and a two seed, probably. It'd be a whole new world. A whole new ..."

/cough, sniffle

"We can't worry about that."




Keep 'em coming, fans. The NBA is all about player-fan interaction, especially come playoff time.

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