Popular activist and abduction survivor's emotional 'Masked Dancer' elimination

On The Masked Dancer Wednesday night, the Sloth, the Cotton Candy, the Zebra and Miss Moth battled it out for a spot in the Super Six, and it was the latter, who flew a little too close to the spotlight, and became the third mystery celebrity dancer to be unmasked.

The Moth's identity was a total mystery to viewers, who took to social media with their many guesses. Even Ellen Degeneres tweeted: "Moth has me completely stumped." Many were surprised to find out that the Moth was kidnapping survivor-turned-activist Elizabeth Smart.

Unlike other Masked celebrities who always actively pursued fame – various singers, rappers, athletes, YouTubers, and comedians -- Elisabeth was thrust into the spotlight at age 14 under tragic and unforeseen circumstances, when she was abducted at knifepoint from her bedroom in 2002 and held captive for nine agonizing months. Her harrowing, headline-making survival story inspired two made-for-TV movies as well two books written by Elisabeth, and the now 33-year-old head of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation has become one of the world’s most prominent advocates for missing persons and survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking. One would not expect a public figure like Smart to sign up for this silly show and appear on national television dressed like a giant glittery insect, or that this would be such an emotionally charged moment.

On Wednesday, Smart revealed the very personal and emotional reason why she joined the show, as she shared, "My grandma actually passed away very recently, but she was so much fun. She never let a moment pass her by. And so, when this opportunity came along, I thought, I live a pretty serious life and I'm going to take this opportunity and just have fun."