'Poor refereeing but we were defensively inept'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked for your thoughts after Hearts lost 2-1 to Ross County in Dingwall.

Here's what you had to say:

Chris: Refereeing once again poor, you become numb to it. [Tony] Sibbick proving once again he’s a liability. Got what we deserved - nothing.

Fraser: Prior to the game it was Sibbick and [Nathaniel] Atkinson who were making me nervous and post-match I realise these nerves were justified. Amazed at Atkinson continually making the [Australian] squad. Sibbick is great in patches for Hearts but all too often let’s me down. New right back needed ASAP.

Ian: No point in moaning about VAR when you defend as badly as we did. If [Lawrence] Shankland doesn't score we toil. As well as needing the other forwards to score more, where are the attacking midfielders? I expect the points gap between us and whoever finishes fourth to become smaller in the next couple of months.

Bob: Disgusting decision from the referee. We cannot seem to go one week [in Scotland] without easily avoidable controversy. That said, we were bad and defensively inept. Early in the game our back line performed poorly and we were lethargic in attack. It cost us dearly.

David: Disappointing result but should be taken in context of the good run we have had of late. Frankie Kent is a big miss and for me Atkinson, Sibbick and Jorge Grant are not to the required standard.