Pool, A Game of Geniuses with RJ TRICKSHOT

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If we look at the history of the pool, we come to know that it is a combination of two games. One is English billiards and American four-ball billiards. This game came to the United States in the nineteenth century. In this game, the player uses only a stick to guide the balls in a particular direction. Depending on the complexity of the game pool is also known as the game of geniuses.

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In order to get more success in this game, a person must have a comprehensive mindset. Winning a collective bet and adjusting to the different strategies makes one an expert player. This was the factor that assisted Zahidul Islam, aka RJ Trickshot, in making a good name in the round pool.

RJ’s Pro Player Drive

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RJ is a Bangladeshi, but now he lives in the United States of America. Since his childhood, he was involved in sports like soccer and cricket. In his early days, his inspiration for playing pool was his brother Nizam. Afterward, his hobby became his passion, so he decided to manage his studies and pool side-by-side.

RJ completed his graduation in 2020. Now he is studying at Richard college, and he is also involved in professional training and education of billiards.

In the year 2020, RJ implemented the quote "practice makes a man perfect" in his life as he was aiming to become the best pool player. RJ extended his name to RJ trickshot in 2020 when the videos of his trick shots went viral. He achieved his first milestone when Sports illustrator highlighted his talent. Thus, he decided to gain more success by performing trick shots.

The Exciting Journey of RJ Trickshot

When RJ was looking to become a pro player, Efren Bata became his inspiration. In the beginning, things were not in favor of RJ, but he is a man of firm conviction. He wished to see his name in the list of great pool players.

He was lucky to find Florian Kohler as his companion. He spent many nights with him playing pool. This practice took the talent of RJ to the next level.

There are pool tournaments, and there is also gambling. This is bread and butter for many players. RJ also played pool to make some extra bucks. Later on, he moved and played in better tournaments.

In the early days, as a pro pool player, RJ struggled. But he was not in the mood to quit. He improved his game by practicing and by watching videos. So, by practicing, he and his partner Florian Kohler took the game to another level.

The Genius RJ Trickshot

Although his professional career started with gambling, he knew that he could achieve more than cash from this game. So, he decided to quit gambling and take his game to another level. He had participated and won 4x4 and 8 pool titles. He also wishes to play at the international level and represent his country.

As RJ has played many titles, he is a perfect choice for the international pool games.

We cannot deny that he is a great player. We know that he is an incredible player of the pool. He had also participated in a 10x10 ball championship and 3 x trickshot championship. And he is still looking to take his talent to another level.

The pool is a game for geniuses, and RJ Trickshot is a genius.