Polling shows Commanders fans don't like Commanders name

The fans of the Washington Commanders aren't fans of the Washington Commanders' name.

Via the Washington Post, a new poll shows that 54 percent of D.C.-area sports fans "dislike or hate" the name. Specific to fans of the team, 58 percent don't like it.

Most want a different name. And 17 percent prefer a change back to the name that was abandoned because it was and is a dictionary-defined slur.

Earlier this week, Marjorie Harris (wife of majority owner Josh Harris) said that "Commanders" will be the name "for now."

The proponents of the abandoned name surely won't stop agitating for a return to that name. Especially if there's going to be yet another name change.

Before officially adopting the Commanders brand, the franchise was known as the Washington Football Team. Many liked that, and many prefer it to Commanders.