POLL: Do you want the Steelers to play on Christmas Day?

The NFL announced they will have Christmas Day games again this season. Christmas is on a Wednesday in 2024. Last season, the NFL had three games on Christmas Day including a prime-time showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and San Franciso 49ers. Earlier in the day the Las Vegas Raiders took on the Kansas City Chiefs followed by the New York Giants vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

Historically, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those teams the NFL likes to put in higher profile games because they know the fans show up at the stadium and people tune in.

But our question of the day today is if you would want to see the Steelers play on Christmas this year.

With the schedule as it stands, here’s what that week would look like.

December 25th: NFL games

December 26th: NFL game

December 28th: NFL games

December 29th: NFL games

December 30th: NFL game

This late in the season, success is a war of attrition and that is a brutal stretch for teams, especially those in the playoff hunt.

Cast your vote and let us know if you want to spend your Christmas holiday watching the Steelers.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire