POLL: Will the Steelers make the playoffs in 2024?

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 schedule is out and most are shocked at just how challenging the NFL set things up for the Steelers. In particular, the final eight games line up about as poorly as possible. Head coach Mike Tomlin has been in charge of the Steelers for 17 seasons and the team has never finished under .500.

Tomlin has also led the Steelers to the playoffs 11 times in 17 seasons. But 2024 could be the season the Steelers don’t make the playoffs and that streak is broken. But after seeing the schedule, we want to hear from the fans, if they think Pittsburgh sneaks into the playoffs in 2024.

Cast your vote and tell us, as of right now if you think the Steelers will make the playoffs this season. For us, it’s a no. The AFC is just too loaded and the Steelers schedule is too backloaded for this team to make its usual late-season push.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire