Poll: Did the refs get Cole Strange’s overturned first down call right?

Losing games in heartbreaking fashion has been the theme so far for the New England Patriots this season. Such was the case on Sunday night when the team nearly engineered a comeback drive against the Miami Dolphins.

It was 4th-and-4 with four yards to go late in the fourth quarter. While under serious defensive pressure, which was the story throughout the night, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones tossed a short pass to tight end Mike Gesicki, who was wrapped up immediately.

Gesicki knew he wasn’t going to make it past the sticks, but he made the incredible heads up play to lateral the ball back to guard Cole Strange, who pushed forward for what looked like a first down, before he was finally tackled.

Multiple camera angles on the NBC broadcast showed replays, but from the looks of it, there was no definitive angle that clearly showed Strange not picking up the first down.

That still didn’t stop the officials from overturning the initial first down call. Unsurprisingly, boos rained down on the field with the Patriots’ last lifeline being used up.

Did the officials get this one right? Was there enough visual evidence for them to overturn the first down call?

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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire