Poll: Who has better dance moves, Mac Jones or Tom Brady?

Cringe doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

We all shielded our eyes, while simultaneously laughing until our bellies ached after watching former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady showcase his dance moves over the years.

The same was the case last Sunday, when Mac Jones broke out his own version of “The Griddy” dance after throwing the game-winning touchdown pass to tight end Mike Gesicki. No one cared about style points in the moment considering the Patriots had just delivered the finishing blow in a major upset victory over the Buffalo Bills.

But now that there’s been ample enough time to celebrate the win and Jones’ incredible performance, it’s time to have a little fun with a poll pitting the past and present against one another in the ultimate dance battle.

Who had better dance moves—Brady or Jones?

Jones’ “Griddy” attempt in Sunday’s win over the Bills wasn’t his only attempt at the dance move. He also broke it out at the 2021 Pro Bowl.

“The Griddy” wasn’t a worldwide phenomenon when Brady was still in New England. So he was left to do whatever these moves are right here:

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include this oldie from a previous trip to Brazil Brady made.

Let’s treat this like a “You Got Served” Patriots quarterbacks edition. Which one are you taking in a dance-off?

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire