Ex-UCF RB Otis Anderson Jr. allegedly killed by father in altercation over a dog bite

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Otis Anderson Sr. allegedly shot his son during a dispute over a dog bite Monday night.

According to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, former UCF running back Otis Anderson Jr. and his father got into an argument after Anderson Jr.'s girlfriend's dog bit Anderson Sr. 

Anderson Jr. died from his gunshot wounds. He was 23.

Per the report, Anderson Sr. said he was upset after Anderson Jr.'s dog bit him and went and got a gun from the garage. Anderson Jr.'s name is redacted from the report available online, but it's obvious that many of the redactions refer to him based on the account of both Anderson Sr. and his wife Denise Anderson. Denise Anderson, Anderson Jr.'s mother, was wounded in the incident. Police said Anderson Jr. had a gunshot wound in his chest and shoulder blade. 

Anderson Sr. stated [Anderson Jr.]’s girlfriend’s dog bit him causing injuries to his hands. He became upset with the dog, which then caused a verbal altercation between him and [Anderson Jr.] Anderson Sr. advised [Anderson Jr.] then ‘bowed up’ at him and they got into a ‘pushing match.’ Anderson Sr. stated [redacted] broke up their ‘pushing match.’ Anderson Sr. advised he went into the garage and armed himself with his silver and black revolver. Anderson Sr. stated [Anderson Jr.] went through the formal dining and they met back up inside the kitchen. Anderson Sr. advised [Anderson Jr.] ‘charged’ at him and [redacted]. Anderson Sr. had no recollection of getting into a physical altercation with [redacted] after [redacted]. He also had no recollection of shooting at [redacted] and then claimed she must have gotten in between them.

Anderson Sr. has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder. He told police that he acted in self defense, but did not say that Anderson Jr. was armed and said that Anderson Jr. "had never disrespected him before" according to the police report.

Denise Anderson’s account in the arrest report generally lines up with Anderson Sr.’s statements. According to what police said she told them, she "stated she then heard a ‘pow’ followed by [Anderson Jr.] stating ‘you shot me.’”

Denise Anderson then said she started hitting Anderson Sr. with a Swiffer and Anderson Sr. shot at her. She was grazed by two bullets and didn’t realize she had been shot until police were there. 

Anderson Jr. was a four-year player for UCF from 2017-20. He moved to running back from wide receiver after his freshman year and averaged over six yards a carry for his career. He was the team's leading rusher in 2019 and the second-leading rusher in 2020. He went to training camp with the Los Angeles Rams after he wasn't drafted in the 2021 NFL draft and was released from the team's practice squad in November.