Police say Keim didn't mis-ID himself before DUI arrest


Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim did not identify himself to police as the team's security director during a traffic stop that ended with his arrest on suspicion of DUI early on the morning of July 4, the Chandler (Ariz.) Police Department said Wednesday.

A police spokesman said the arresting officer who spoke with Keim that night misunderstood him, as body-cam footage determined Keim said a person named Sean Mackenzie was the team's director of security. The Cardinals don't employ a Sean Mackenzie, but Shawn Kinsey is the team's vice president of security.

The arresting officer's police report had noted that Keim -- whose eyes reportedly were "bloodshot and watery" and whose car smelled of alcohol -- told officers he had two beers and said he was "the director of security for the Arizona Cardinals," before adding he "works with Sean McKenzie."

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The officer noted in his report that "the only Officer Sean McKenzie I know was killed in an off-duty vehicle collision, and I believe he was referencing him."

According to the report, Keim was pulled over by an officer who had followed his pickup truck for nine minutes after seeing it driving fast at 12:12 a.m. on July 4. The officer reported that he noticed Keim's car drifting out of its lane multiple times, including near another car, and making a wide turn before he pulled Keim over.

Keim took only one field sobriety test -- saying he couldn't do physical tests due to a "pre-existing knee injury" -- and failed to sufficiently follow a light with his eyes. He was arrested at 12:47 a.m. His blood alcohol content has not yet been released.

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill spoke about the arrest on KFYI radio on Tuesday, saying Keim made an "enormous mistake."

"First of all, I'm extremely disappointed," Bidwill said. "It's inexcusable. He did bring it to our attention right away that night and has been extremely remorseful and contrite. He's taken steps to make things right, but the reality is that there is a process in place that the league has and there are going to be consequences here."

Keim could be subject to punishment under the league's personal-conduct policy.

Keim has been the Cardinals' general manager since 2013. He recently signed an extension through the 2022 season.

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