Police say Joe Mixon’s home is “part of a crime scene”

Police have not yet charged Bengals running back Joe Mixon with a crime. Via TMZ.com, however, police say Mixon’s home is a crime scene.

No arrests were made when police arrived at Mixon’s home on Monday night to investigate a shooting. A juvenile had been injured and transported to a local hospital.

WLWT reported that Mixon’s sister said he “was not involved” in the shooting that injured a teenager.

Still, the fact that his home is a crime scene means that police think a crime occurred there. The next question is whether anyone will be charged with one or more crimes arising from the shooting.

These events are unfolding at an unfortunate time for Mixon. He had an off-field incident during the postseason that resulted in charges being filed and then dropped. He also faces the possibility of being released by the Bengals, or at a minimum being asked to reduce his $9.4 million base salary.

Police say Joe Mixon’s home is “part of a crime scene” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk