Polarizing former ESPN personality Britt McHenry gets gig on 'edgy' Washington D.C. TV show

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Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has a new job in Washington D.C. (AP)
Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has a new job in Washington D.C. (AP)

Britt McHenry has a penchant for making headlines rather than breaking them.

The former ESPN reporter transitioned from network correspondent to pariah overnight in 2015 when video surfaced of her berating a cashier at a towing company that had apparently towed her car.

McHenry was eventually caught up in a round of mass layoffs at ESPN in 2017.

She has since carved out a voice as a hardline conservative, picking fights with Kevin Durant over his stance to not visit Donald Trump’s White House and blasting GQ for its praise of Colin Kaepernick.

She has worked as a contributor for right-wing publication The Federalist and spent time on Fox News airwaves.

Most recently, she has joined the conservative chorus belittling survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre who are advocating for gun regulation after witnessing the murder of 17 of their classmates and teachers.

She was also caught up in a January New York Times report exposing media members and celebrities for purchased followers on social media platforms.

And now she has a new gig. Fox 5 in Washington D.C. has hired McHenry along with fellow former ESPN personality Bram Weinstein for a weekly news roundup show, The Washington Post details.

McHenry explained to The Post last summer what has motivated her to move away from sports to political punditry.

“What’s attractive to me right now is more than just sports,” McHenry said. “And there aren’t a lot of women who are not afraid to express their opinion, like I have been, on the right side. And so, again, does that limit outlets? Yeah, but I think if you hate me, or if you love what I’m saying, it’s true to what I think. I’m not making it up. … I feel like a weight’s lifted off my shoulders, that I can say what I believe.”

A Fox 5 news releases promises the show will “provide edgy, controversial commentary.”

If controversy is what they want, then they have likely found it.




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