Get to the Points: How Tyus Jones, CJ McCollum are overdelivering for fantasy managers

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Dan Titus and contributor Justin Henry examine the most underrated fantasy players of the 2023-24 NBA season.

Video Transcript


DAN TITUS: One person that I feel like kind of got disrespected by midseason was Tyus Jones. And we talked about him months ago. He was one of my breakout candidates. He really only had one bad month, and that was in November, where he averaged 10 points with 5 assists. And since then, man, he's been absolutely outstanding. Man, this guy's a top 30 player. He's up to 14 points a game, 7 dimes. He's just coming off a double-double. This is a guy that I think got a lot of disrespect. But I think he's finally coming around.

The one thing that I'm hoping doesn't hurt his fantasy value going forward for the rest of the season is getting traded, which I think is actually a really high possibility, just considering how bad the Wizards are and what he could do for a contending team.

JUSTIN HERNY: Tyus Jones has been an underrated player his entire career, even when he was in Memphis. This is a player you could find off of waivers. And he would give you a good amount of good efficiency, good assists. And now he's upped the scoring slightly since he's been in Washington. But Tyus Jones, man, an underrated asset in the fantasy community just in general. Sometimes there's guys that follow-- that find their place in the top 30. And we don't respect them as good fantasy players because they're not great NBA players. And I think it's tough to find that balance of fantasy versus real. And to be honest, he's an elite-level point guard, when it comes to fantasy.

DAN TITUS: Yeah, the assist-to-turnover ratio, I mean, he's a good real life point guard and a really solid fantasy point guard as well. Another player, CJ McCollum is top 20 now. He's officially 16th in per game value. Did you see that coming? And I feel like no one really talks about how great of a season CJ McCollum is having after such a serious injury or ailment that he had in the middle of the season.

JUSTIN HERNY: CJ's always kind of had that, where he's been underrated in the fantasy community because normally he's behind Lillard. But since he's come to New Orleans, he's taken on this point guard role. And I don't think we've been giving that enough credence. On a per-game basis, when you're a top 20 player, that should be noted-- in the fantasy community, that should be notarized, right? We should know that. And I don't think there's enough people that even know he's probably in that range.

And to be averaging 20 and 4 and 5, with the efficiency that he has, to get a steal a game, to get three 3's-plus a game, this is an elite player. And you were getting him in the fifth round, sixth round, able to snag him up.

DAN TITUS: I mean, it's the efficiency that he's doing it with too, right? He's shooting 47%. I feel like when most people were drafting CJ, they're thinking they were probably going to have to punt that field goal percentage over the last couple of years. But also what he's doing defensively, man, 2 stocks. I don't think I expected CJ McCollum to average almost a block a game on top of a steal-- a little bit over a steal. So I think that's the biggest difference for me is I didn't anticipate him being that much of an impact defensively as he's been, on top of the scoring and the dimes that we're pretty used to.

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