Podziesmki hopes to succeed Steph when Warriors star retires

Podziesmki hopes to succeed Steph when Warriors star retires originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

In his rookie season, Warriors guard Brandin Podziemski already is planning a long career with Golden State.

Part of that, unfortunately, likely involves an era where Podziemski won’t have future Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame selection Steph Curry as a teammate.

In talking to reporters after posting three points, four assists and two rebounds in the 2024 NBA Rising Stars Game on Friday, Podziemski humbly explained how he would handle Curry’s eventual departure down the line.

“When he retires, in how many years that may be, I feel like it’s my job to fulfill what he’s doing,” Podziemski told reporters.

Podziemski, selected 19th by Golden State in the 2023 NBA Draft, believes he’ll be Curry’s successor.

And the 20-year-old didn’t hesitate to describe the ways Curry inspires him to follow through, as the 15-year veteran serves as a role model, both on and off the court -- a complete professional.

“[Curry’s] amazing,” Podziemski said. “Just to see the things he does, as a husband, father, [and] businessman. To see how he treats people -- he’s never too good for anybody. He always wants to be treated just like everybody else. You know, for some stars, that may be different. They [might] want a different reality of life. But Steph’s one of those guys who doesn’t care. He just wants to be like everybody else. [He] just wants a chance to play basketball. He loves it for the right reason.

“To see how he is with his wife, Ayesha, his kids and how he treats all of his teammates and the staff -- it’s something you look up to.”

Podziemski, averaging 9.9 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists over his first 47 career games, admires Curry’s humility, considering he’s a four-time NBA champion decorated in dream-like accolades.

The Santa Clara product also appreciates the hospitality he received from Curry immediately after joining the team in 2023.

“He did a really good job the first day I was a Warrior, “Podziemski shared. “Just reaching out, FaceTiming me and talking with me -- he just kind of opened that relationship up to start. He’s been a great vet toward me. Anything I’ve ever needed on the court [and] off the court, he’s been there to take care of me. So, I’m super appreciative and thankful for that.”

While Podziemski is getting his legs under him as a Warrior, he continues to impress -- already a fan-favorite at the midway point of his first year.

Before potentially filling in for Curry, ideally not for a while, he can pick the superstar’s brain and continue admiring him as a teammate.

Curry is a pro’s pro, and Podziemski couldn’t have asked for a better guide for his first year in the NBA.

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