Podcast: Should Patriots trade up to No. 1 overall in 2024 NFL draft?

The New England Patriots will be in a rare position with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. What they ultimately decide to do with that pick could impact the team for years to come.

At Wednesday’s press conference, owner Robert Kraft pointed at the opportunity for the team to get right in the offseason. They have a top-three draft pick, along with a bevy of cash to spend in free agency.

Everything comes with risks in the NFL, and the Patriots will have to depend on the collection of individuals in the front office making the personnel decisions to make the right call.

That leads into one of the major topics Ryan O’Leary and I discussed this week on the Patriots Wire Podcast. Should the Patriots trade up to No. 1 overall to ensure they get their quarterback of the future in the draft?

They already moved into the rebuilding phase with Jerod Mayo as the new head coach, and there are no guarantees they’ll ever pick this high again. Not only is quarterback the most important position on the field, but it’s also the hardest position to find elite talent.

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The Patriots could potentially miss out on both Caleb Williams and Drake Maye if they stay locked in at No. 3. If they decide to pass on the top-two quarterbacks, would the team be better off staying put at No. 3 and drafting a receiver, offensive lineman or going all in on Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels?

There have been instances where teams have failed at drafting the right quarterback, even this high up on the board. But then again, there are situations like the Houston Texans have right now, which is an immediate turnaround after taking C.J. Stroud at No. 2 overall in 2023.

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What should the Patriots do with the No. 3 pick? Should they roll the dice and move up to get their quarterback for the future, or should they let the cards fall where they may and stick with the strategy of drafting the best player available?

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire