PODCAST: Marchxness Is Back! 1980s One-Hit Wonders

PODCAST: Marchxness Is Back! 1980s One-Hit Wonders

We talk about… music??!

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Bracket time… a different type of bracket

Jeremy is joined by Matt and Brandon in one of our more unique show we do once a year and if falls in the dead time of the college sports calendar, specifically for football. This is inspired from Marchxness.com and they have a bracket out every year about a specific music group and genre. This years is 1980s one-hit wonders. The gist of it is that they must chart in the billboard top 40 AND since Marchxness has been around a bit the songs can not have been featured on a prior bracket.

So, a few songs might be missing that you’d be thinking of. We are by no means any experts on music but we have a fun time bantering about what songs will win, what we like, and there is on very particular song we hope dies a firey death in the first round.

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