PODCAST: Lincoln Riley is confused by your targeting tactics

Carey Murdock, Editor
Sooner Scoop

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It's a magical edition of the Unofficial 40 that covers many of the hot topics heading into Baylor week. We hear from Lincoln Riley, Baker Mayfield and CeeDee Lamb on the targeting call that never was. We talk about Baker Mayfield's love for Taylor Swift over Katy Perry and get in our own argument about the subject. Injury news, Mark Andrews and others. We also talk about Riley's selective suspension of Du'Vonta Lampkin. Spoiler alert: we don't care. Josh gives an update on the big recruiting weekend as well. We're not gonna lie, this is a fun podcast to listen to. You can tell the boys were ready for another one after such a record setting podcast last week.

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The rundown follows below:

OPEN - We celebrate our biggest and most listened to podcast ever

0:02:25 - ESPN and Barstool sports are after our Baker Mayfield videos and also KD is a bitch

0:06:15 - Eddie is admonished for sneaking in an f-bomb last podcast

0:08:30 - Baker Mayfield vs. Joey Galloway

0:14:40 - Nobody can figure out how CeeDee Lamb was ejected two days later

0:26:30 - We breakdown the targeting rule word-by-word

0:29:40 - Conference play begins at Baylor. This is no longer the game it once was.

0:32:16 - OU rises from the ashes of the 2014 season after Katy Perry destroyed it.

0:37:17 - The podcast breaks down Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry.

0:40:12 - Carey forces the show ahead. Injuries coming out of Tulane. Mark Andrews update too.

0:44:15 - A.D. Miller discussion starts a Jeffery Mead fight

0:45:45 - The selective suspension of Du'Vonta Lampkin

0:50:14 - Josh updates the huge recruiting weekend for the Sooners

0:53:13 - The story behind how DaShaun White ended up in Norman this weekend

0:58:14 - Spencer Rattler's impact on players who were in this weekend?

1:02:40 - Josh is fired up about this week's ratings and reviews

1:10:00 - Eddie makes an announcement and Carey tries to get him to slip up and break the rules

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