Podcast: Let's draft some of MLB's most controversial unwritten rules

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Is it against baseball’s unwritten rules to write about the unwritten rules? We here at the The Stew feel compelled to do so considering everything that has gone down in June.

Thus far, we’ve seen arguments erupt over whether Yasiel Puig should respect the game (again), whether it’s OK to bunt during a perfect game and whether you can jinx a no-hitter just by talking about it.

That doesn’t really leave us with a choice. We have to discuss the unwritten rules.

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And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Out of respect for the unwritten rules, we’ve decided to record a podcast where we hash everything out. That way, the rules technically remain unwritten. Unless it’s an unwritten rule to talk about the unwritten rules  and … you know what … we’ll just leave it at that.

We decided to have a little fun with our conversation, though. Instead of a straight-up chat about each situation, we decided to hold an unwritten rules draft. We enlisted the help of internet gentleman Bad News Ramen and Yahoo Sports’ own Nick Bromberg.

Yasiel Puig has everyone talking about the unwritten rules. (AP)
Yasiel Puig has everyone talking about the unwritten rules. (AP)

Here’s how we set things up. The four of us went into the draft assuming we were starting a brand new baseball league together. But since there was no way we were going to agree on all the rules, we decided to hold this draft. The idea is this: Each person can draft one unwritten rule, and then decide whether to keep it in our new league, or to discard it and let things get a little crazy.

Whoever drafts the rule makes the final call. If they draft bat flips and love them, then bat flips are allowed in the league without penalty. You get the idea, right? Good.

Listen along as we create our completely unwatchable mutant league. You might not agree with the ultimate result, but maybe you’ll be entertained along the way.

Here’s a full rundown of the podcast:
– Intro. Hey everyone.
– The unwritten rules draft.
– How much does the demotion to Triple-A hurt Kyle Schwarber’s stock?
– You just bought some nice 69-year-old baseball cards for a pretty penny. What do you do with them?
– Important question: Batman or Mario?
– Rate and review us in iTunes reminder. It’s not tough, guys and gals.
– Bye bye.

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